Family Law

Our family law attorneys regularly represent clients who are involved in or are contemplating divorce or legal separation. These cases often involve parenting plan and child support issues. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through these sensitive legal matters.

Our family law lawyers and staff are dedicated to providing excellent representation to individuals dealing with personal relationship issues. We have the experience to resolve all types of problems for you, including:

  • Child support modifications, including college expense obligations
  • Custody and visitation, including third-party visitation
  • Dissolution of marriage and committed intimate relationships, or legal separation
  • Parentage issues
  • Parenting plan modifications
  • Pre-marriage (prenuptial) agreements
  • Property settlement agreements

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Terms To Understand In Washington Child Custody Matters

When you talk to our child custody lawyers, we will explain the law to you in as much or as little detail as you want. What you will need most of all is a base of understanding that can help you contribute to discussions of your legal strategy. Here are some terms that you might find useful:

  • Physical and legal custody: There are two types of custody: physical (where the child lives primarily) and legal (who makes decisions about the child).
  • Parenting plan: In Washington, courts prefer a joint custody agreement – called a parenting plan – where both parents equally share physical and legal custody.
  • Best interests of the child: The guiding principle for all decisions a court will make about a child, from how the parent plans to develop to who may visit.
  • Visitation: Mostly nonparental relations to the children who wish to see them. Visitation is not a guaranteed outcome.

When you have a grasp of these basics, many of the conversations you have with us will go much smoother. However, there are many complications to family law, and our lawyers’ complete focus is protecting your rights as a parent under all circumstances.

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