Construction Law

Our construction attorneys serve clients in a variety of matters ranging from the review of a construction bid to negotiating and drafting construction contracts to prosecuting construction claims involving multiple parties and complex issues. Smith Alling PS represents clients ranging from large commercial contractors to individual homeowners in a variety of construction-related matters.

Smith Alling PS attorneys are equipped and experienced in handling litigation associated with construction and condominium defects such as breaches of the implied warranty of habitability, water leaks, foundation defects, improper installation of various siding materials, structural defects, design defects or errors, shoddy workmanship, failure of a contractor to install items in accordance with the manufactures warranty, defective finish application and many other actionable items.

Smith Alling PS also handles all aspects of contractor or materialmen liens and associated disputes. Our attorneys represent contractors and subcontractors in all aspects of public works contracts with government entities. We assist with time extension requests, bid disputes, scope of services disputes, bonding claims, disputes over payment, and delay damages.